British White Cattle Society of Australia Forms

All completed forms should be sent to the Secretary of the British White Cattle Society of Australia.

Application For Membership Form

This form is to be completed by any person(s) wishing to be admitted as Full, Associate, Commercial or Junior members of the BWCSA.


Live Animal Transfer Form

This form is to be completed and submitted within 30 days of sale of an animal to another member or a non-member.  Late fees apply to forms submitted later than 30 days after transfer.


Bull Lease Record 

This form is completed and submitted when a member returns a leased bull to the owner.  It ensures that all female mating during the lease period are covered.

Herdbook Registration Form

Members use this form to submit details of all animals to be registered with the BWCSA.  It is used for both male and female animals and details of up to 7 animals may be entered on a single form.  Multiple forms will be need to be completed where more than 7 animals are being submitted for registration.


Other Forms

University of Queensland Animal Genetics Laboratory Cattle Genotyping Application Form

This form is for use by members accessing genotyping and parent verification services (MiP and PV) from the University of Queensland Animal Genetics Laboratory.  Complete this form after collection of hair samples using the DNA kits purchased from the BWCSA.

Send the electronic form by email then post the the paper form with the samples to the Animals Genetics Laboratory.  Contact details are on the form.