Important Organisations

Animal Genetics Laboratory, University of Queensland School of Veterinary Science

AGL provides British White Cattle Society members with genotyping, parent verification, horn/poll testing and other genetic testing services.

Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI)

ABRI provides the domestic and international livestock industries with a wide range of agribusiness information services.  ABRI maintains the herdbook for BWCSA.


Dr Kathy Hardy at Cytolabs provides karyotyping services to test for presence of Robertsonian Translocation in British White Cattle.

Farm Biosecurity

Excellent resources to support farm biosecurity

Meat and Livestock Australia Ltd (MLA)

The MLA is a producer-owned, not-for-profit organisation that delivers research, development and marketing services to the Australian red meat industry.

Member Websites

Darnum Park British White Cattle 

Location: Darnum, Gippsland, Victoria

Dingo Lane Farms British White Cattle 

Location: Myocum, Far North Coast, New South Wales

Vale Hill British White Cattle 

Location: Ullina, Central Victoria