Producing great beef is they principle goal of every rancher in the beef industry. All of the work that ranchers and farmers put into growing and maintaining their herd is aimed at this objective, and every rancher knows that choice and prime grade beef will fetch a higher price and increase the reputation of their herd. The British White is a breed that has a long history of providing lean meat, and has a high percentage of choice and prime grade beef. If you are looking for a breed that consistently produces good quality beef and a high profit margin, the British White is quite possibly the breed for which you have been searching.

The British White has a long and distinguished history. This breed has long been known to produce a very efficient carcass, with a carcass to live weight ratio of nearly 70%. With steers finishing out at around 500kg, the breeder can look forward to nearly 360kg of beef for every steer – and what beef it is!

In the U.S.when you average it out across all cattle, the prime and choice average runs at about 50-55% of the meat produced. However, the British White averages about 90% choice and prime grade beef. The meat is also rated as very tender by the Warner-Bratzler Shear Force Test. These ratings are significant when it comes to the balance sheet. For instance in the U.S, a 1994-95 “Ranch to Rail” test found that British White steers averaged almost 27% higher profits than the average for all breeds. Think about that – 27% higher!

The British White is also noted for its low fat content, a factor of major importance to consumers today. In fact, the breed has been known for its low fat content for hundreds of years. The meat was described in the late eighteenth century as “having little or no fat,” with what fat content there was being nicely marbled for flavour. With its great tenderness and low fat content, the British White is the perfect choice for health-conscious consumers.

When looking for a beef breed, cattle breeders have to consider many factors. The British White excels in areas such as hardiness, easy calving, and efficient feeding. Combining these important and valuable traits with some of the top grades of meat available, it is easy to see why the British White is an excellent choice for breeders looking to switch to a breed that maximises profits while minimising expenses.

Edited from Morris Halliburton