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Who Can List

Listings are open to BWCSA Members for free.
Non-members with registered British White cattle can create a listing for $50 per animal per listing. The listing will expire after 3 months.

How To Create a Listing

Fill out the form below. Your listing request will be moderated by the Society. If you are a Member your listing will be posted on the For Sale page within a few days. If you are a non-member the Society will invoice you. On payment of that invoice your listing will be posted on the For Sale page for 3 months from the date the listing is posted. For questions about this please contact the Treasurer.

Do you need someone to post your ad for you?

Send Us an Email!  By clicking this link it will open an email with the information you need to send to us…

Photo Upload

Photos need to be shot in landscape. They will appear bigger this way.

Photos need to be .jpg files or they will not show on the page. If using your phone, change your photo settings to shoot .jpg.

See our informative article about How to Photograph Your Cattle for expert Information on the subject


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