British White Purchasing Guide

Guidelines for Purchasing British White Cattle

To avoid confusion and unnecessary disappointment please consider the following points if you are purchasing British White Cattle in Australia.

1 Registration

Ensure the animal is registered with The British White Cattle Society of Australia Limited ACN 051 599 449 (“the Society”).

The Society is the original British White Cattle Society. Originally formed in NSW in March 1983 the Society was incorporated and registered with ASIC in 1991.

The Society is aware of other groups in Australia breeding and registering British White cattle and prospective members of the society must be aware that cattle registered with other groups are not necessarily registered with our Society (unless registered with the society first). The Society has a “once registered with our Society, always registered with our Society” herd recording scheme.

2. Grade

The Society had the following grading of cattle up until 1995 A, B, C and D grades (D being a first cross). In 1995 this was changed to AP, A, B and C (C being a first cross) meaning 4 crosses to the first level of purity.

This upgrading system has been and could still be affected by such things as hornedness, scurs, colour variation and unknown pedigree details.

3. Robertsonian Translocation

Some British White cattle may carry a chromosomal abnormality known as Robertsonian Translocation (RT). This means that may carry 58 or 59 chromosomes instead of the normal 60. The Society’s website has a summary of the possible effects of RT on cattle. Chromosome status can affect registration requirements and potentially fertility.

4. Showing

The Society has a Standard of Excellence for the showing of British White cattle at Royal and other agricultural shows, which must be adhered to.

5. Some General Guidelines to consider:

  1. Check the animal is registered with the Society and ask to view the Registration Certificate(s). We strongly advise against purchasing unregistered animals but if you do so, at least ask to see the Registration Certificates of the parents.
  2. Check the animal(s) ear tattoo in a head bail. The tattoo should be in the animal’s near-side ear.
  3. Enquire about the Chromosome status. The Chromosome status should be shown on the Registration Certificate. A 60T means the animal has been tested and found to be “normal”, 59T or 58T indicates the animal has been tested and found to carry the Translocation. 60D means the animal has 60 Chromosomes through inheritance. 59D means the animal has 59 chromosomes through inheritance. If the Chromosome status is not shown on the Registration Certificate you should assume it is unknown and hence offspring of such animals may be subject to registration restrictions or special requirements.
  4. The Vendor should complete a Transfer Form within one month of sale and send it to the Society for processing with the relevant fee. The Vendor may also provide you with the Registration Certificate on purchase but a new Certificate with the purchaser’s name will be issued once the Transfer is processed.
  5. Ask the vendor for pregnancy status (if female). If possibly in calf the Vendor should complete the AI, service or depasture date details on the Transfer Form.
  6. Note the date your animal leaves the vendor’s property.
  7. Ask the vendor about a guarantee for your purchase.
  8. If there are calves at foot eligible for registration ensure they are tattooed before they leave the vendor’s
  9. Be aware that there are other breeds of cattle with similar markings to British White cattle.
  10. Any cattle purchased with British White coloured markings that are not registered with the Society may be classed a BASE cattle or not eligible for registration at all.
  11. Ask for a copy of DNA test reports (if applicable) and clarify whether the animal has a MiP DNA profile or Seeksire DNA profile. The DNA case number & type of profile may be important when registering offspring of the animal.

The Society wants members and prospective members to feel confident in their purchases of British White cattle. Adopt a Buyer Be Aware Policy. Ensure the animal you are purchasing is registered with The British White Cattle Society of Australia Limited and meets with the guidelines outlined above.
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