Committee and Members

The Committee

The Committee for the British White Cattle Society Australia Ltd is elected by the society members.

Lindsay Murray: President

Lindsay is a third-generation farmer and took over managing a family-owned grazing property at Myocum on the Far North Coast of NSW in 2010. The farm is managed along holistic principles with a focus on regenerative grazing. It aims to produce high quality grass-finished beef for the local market. Lindsay was first attracted to British Whites as a good fit for this type of operation. He needed a breed that would thrive on poor-quality coastal pastures on hilly land in a subtropical climate but still produce excellent quality grass-finished beef. The docile nature, natural polling and attractive appearance of this breed helped make the decision. The British Whites have not disappointed with a herd of sixty breeding females and their progeny now thriving under Myocum conditions.

Lindsay joined the BWCSA in 2009, was elected to council in 2013 and took over as President in 2019. He remains very enthusiastic about the breed’s future in the beef industry particularly in grass-fed beef operations and enjoys interaction with other British White breeders.

Away from the farm, Lindsay continues to work part-time as a Specialist Emergency Physician at the local Base Hospital but finds farming and cattle breeding even more challenging and rewarding.

Rod Cameron: Vice President

Rod has been breeding British white cattle for the last 15 years on his Victorian property at Darnum in the West Gippsland region.

Originally attracted to the breeds amazing aesthetic qualities and easy to manage attributes, Rod has developed a main breeding herd of 30 quality British white females.

Actively involved in the British white council for the last ten years, Rod has enjoyed the decision making and comradeship that goes with this position.

Chris Hill: Vice President

Mrs L Gore: Secretary

Lee has had a passion for cattle her whole life and apart from the years in her teaching career which took her to urban living (in rural towns where she could still see cattle and other livestock) she has spent most of her life around cattle both dairy and beef. After seeing some British White cattle on a property near Warwick and investigating the breed, Lee with her husband Simon joined the British White Cattle Society in1995.

Finding British White stock was quite difficult at that time so undertaking some AI programme seemed to be a way to start breeding this breed alongside their other English Australian based breed. Steeped in history the British White breed’s physical characteristics and attributes are so fascinating and beneficial in cattle raising they prompted Lee to persevere. Twenty plus years later British Whites are still a pride and joy in the paddocks on their property.

Never was it Lee’s intention to take on the secretarial work for the Society but there was a need for members to spread human resources to keep the Society in existence and so she volunteered in late 1995, early 1996. Lee says it is a pleasure to work with such like-minded breeders who have a respect for a clean environment, good quality food and an interest in rare species of plants and animals.

Chris Malden: Treasurer

Chris was initially introduced to the British White breed by friends at Musk Farm in 2009. An advocate of the ‘paddock to plate’ philosophy, Chris was keen to source a breed that could produce high quality beef for his hotel award-winning restaurant in regional Victoria. Establishing his first herd in 2010, Chris joined the British White Cattle Society soon after and has been serving as Treasurer since 2015.

Chris is a passionate promoter of British Whites and wants to see the breed removed from the endangered list of cattle breeds. He hopes that through promotion and education, more Australian farmers will see the benefits of this excellent breed and take on British White beef cattle. He has particular interest in diversifying the available bloodlines in Australia and has leased a number of bulls for semen collection in both the UK and US. Imported straws are available for sale to members.

Dierdre Mikkelson: Assistant Secretary

Dierdre has a small herd of British White cattle at her property at Eltham, NSW. She was attracted to the breed’s rarity, attractive markings and quiet nature.

While new to cattle Dierdre has long had an interest in agriculture and enjoyed a long career spanning commercial and general management in a range of industries.

She was elected to Council in 2018 and is also assisting our Secretary, Lee Gore in her vast role.

Anthony Attard

Vic Bird

Vic joined the BWCSA in 2002 after buying a bull to start a breeding up program and soon appreciated that it was the right move and fell in love with British White cattle.

He has been a member of Council since 2003 including 4 years as President and is enjoying being part of what he says has always been a friendly and harmonious group. The structure of the Society is sound and the future of the breed is very promising.

Vic and his wife Leonie run Baringhup Stud at Missabotti on the NSW  North Coast. Their other interests are breeding Clydesdale horses and Australian Stock Horses, but British Whites are the main focus for them now.

Simon Gore

Jeff Kean

Jeff commenced breeding British White cattle in 1995 in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Jeff transferred his herd to the Brisbane Valley in Qld in 2001 where he was impressed with the remarkable resistance they showed to the change in climatic conditions.

Jeff has been actively involved in the management of the Society over many years, having served on Council for over 20 years, Treasurer for 10 years and President of 6 years. Jeff has now retired from breeding British Whites but maintains an active interest in pursuing the success of the breed.


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Honors Board

Lee Gore – Honorary Life Membership

Mr President – if I may – I just wanted to take a few minutes to acknowledge the work done within the society by one of our longest serving and probably most active members, Mrs Lee Gore. Lee, of course, is known to everyone in the Society but probably not a lot of members understand just how much work she has done – and of course continues to do – for the Society.

So I have been doing a bit of delving into our records….

Lee – together with Simon – joined the Society back in late 1994 or early 1995. I think the membership was formalised in early 1995 judging by Lee’s membership number. I have been unable to confirm the actual date.

The Society at this time was in a very fluid state. There were some disgruntled members and the meetings were somewhat fiery. In fact later in 1995, as many of you will know, a significant number of members left the Society and formed another society. One of those that left our Society was the then Honorary Secretary.

After a relatively short period where the then Treasurer also undertook the role as interim Secretary, Lee was appointed Honorary Secretary on 30 November 1996. She has continued in this role ever since – almost 22 years. As Hon Secretary Lee is effectively the face of the Society. She not only has to deal with all the correspondence but has to handle all enquiries from potential members and the media. And of course at our biannual meetings she is the one who has to really work hard!! We all appreciate her work and her incredible contribution to the Society.

Lee was also appointed to Council on 24 March 1997. Her knowledge of the decisions of our various meeting was invaluable. Lee continued as a Councillor until 14 September 2013 – some 16.5 years. In stepping down as a Councillor she acknowledged that she found undertaking both roles was too burdensome during the meetings. Several of us who have worked closely with Lee over the years completely understood the rationale behind her decision and I for one was surprised that she had remained on the Board for as long as she did given her huge workload.

As a result of Lee’s outstanding contribution over such a long period, Council decided some months ago to bestow upon Lee Honorary Life Membership of the British White Cattle Society of Australia.

Lee is the first person to be awarded this honour. I think I can say on behalf of all Members that this honour is well deserved and our heartiest congratulations go to you Lee with this award.

The reason for making this announcement during the meeting is to ensure that the bestowing of this award is formalised in the Minutes.

It is proposed that the formal presentation of the Award will be made during the dinner tonight. I am sure there will be a lot of Members who would like to endorse Council’s decision in providing this Award to Lee and there will be ample time tonight for this to happen.