Council and Honours Board

The Society

The Council

The Council for the British White Cattle Society Australia Ltd is elected by the society members.

Lindsay Murray: President

Lindsay is a third-generation farmer at Myocum on the Far North Coast of NSW, and part-time as a Specialist Emergency Physician at the local Base Hospital and took over managing a family-owned grazing property at Myocum on the Far North Coast of NSW in 2010. The farm is managed along holistic principles with a focus on regenerative grazing.

Lindsay joined the BWCSA in 2009, was elected to council in 2013 and took over as President in 2019. He remains very enthusiastic about the breed’s future in the beef industry particularly in grass-fed beef operations and enjoys interaction with other British White breeders.
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Heather Britten: Vice President

Heather became interested in the breed in 2006 after purchasing some commercial British Whitesand decided to join the Society to start upgrading towards a pure herd.

Heather has been a part of the Council multiple times and has also been Hon Treasurer for about 5 years. She currently runs a mixed herd of British Whites ranging through from C grades to APs, in Queensland.


Lisa Smith: Second Vice President

Dierdre Mikkelson: Company Secretary

Following a career as a Commercial Manager in Corporate life Dierdre runs a small British White stud in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. She has a keen interest in sharing her past experience in organisational development and governance with the Society and was instrumental in developing the Society’s first Strategic Plan and Marketing Plan. Her breeding objectives are to breed true to type British Whites with outstanding temperament and commercial appeal.

Lucy Webb-Wilson: Member Services

John Miller: Treasurer

John, an engineer by training, has returned to raising British White cattle due to previous experience with the breed after a 10 year period out of the cattle industry. He would like to see British White cattle build on their current position to enjoy greater success across a broad range of markets from small holdings up to large commercial enterprises.

Ross Chandler

Wayne Cross

Ian Holmes

Ian grew up on a dairy farm in New Zealand, and trained as a veterinarian at Massey University. His interest British Whites arose through his brother Keith, who having won Young Dairy Farmer of the Year, spent a year hosted on farms in the UK and was impressed with the British Whites he saw.

Ian learnt of a fertility issue in the breed and researched the 1/29 Robertsonian Translocation in cattle. After presenting on the issue to the Society, members resolved to seek to eradicate the defect from the breed. This has largely been achieved.

Ian’s interest in British Whites is to produce the ideal maternal breed that is grass-fed, easy care, high marbling, and well adapted to a hot sunny environment.

Chris Malden

Introduced to the breed in 2009 while searching for high quality ‘paddock to plate’ beef production, Chris established his first herd in 2010 and joined the British White Cattle Society soon after.

Chris is a passionate promoter of British Whites and wants to see the breed removed from the endangered list of cattle breeds. He hopes that through promotion and education, more Australian farmers will see the benefits of this excellent breed and take on British White beef cattle.

Honors Board

Members who are deemed by Council to have made an extraordinary contribution to the breed or the Society may be considered for conferment of Life Membership.

The following past and present members have been conferred as Life Members.

Ernie Clare (Nehlerien)

1995 – present

Lee Gore (Eltham Vale)

1995 – present

Murray Hut Pastoral Company (Murray Hut)

1995 – present

Max & Roberta Finlay (Emra Valley)

1995 – present

Annie Ingham (dec.) (Mulberry Hill)

1995 – 2014

Ward Family (Fourwards)

1995 – present