Committee and Members

The Committee

The Committee for the British White Cattle Society Australia Ltd is elected by the society members.

Lindsay Murray: President

Lindsay is a third-generation farmer and took over managing a family-owned grazing property at Myocum on the Far North Coast of NSW in 2010. The farm is managed along holistic principles with a focus on regenerative grazing. It aims to produce high quality grass-finished beef for the local market. Lindsay was first attracted to British Whites as a good fit for this type of operation. He needed a breed that would thrive on poor-quality coastal pastures on hilly land in a subtropical climate but still produce excellent quality grass-finished beef. The docile nature, natural polling and attractive appearance of this breed helped make the decision. The British Whites have not disappointed with a herd of sixty breeding females and their progeny now thriving under Myocum conditions.

Lindsay joined the BWCSA in 2009, was elected to council in 2013 and took over as President in 2019. He remains very enthusiastic about the breed’s future in the beef industry particularly in grass-fed beef operations and enjoys interaction with other British White breeders.

Away from the farm, Lindsay continues to work part-time as a Specialist Emergency Physician at the local Base Hospital but finds farming and cattle breeding even more challenging and rewarding.
0417 983 546

Heather Britten: Vice President

Heather became interested in the breed in 2006 after purchasing some commercial British Whites. After finding how quiet & tractable they were to handle, she decided to join the Society & start upgrading towards a pure herd. She like the fact that the cattle were naturally polled which alleviated the need for de-horning. She also learned that the calves are brought back to the herd very quickly & cows run a ‘nursery system’ where the calves are guarded by the cow on duty that day.

This is her second time on Council having done a 3 year term a few years ago. She was also Hon Treasurer for about 5 years. She currently runs a mixed herd of British Whites ranging through from C grades to APs, in Queensland. Heather enjoys being part of the Society & attends most meetings which can be held anywhere on the eastern side of Australia.


Lucy Webb-Wilson: Manager, Member Services

John Miller: Treasurer

John, an engineer by training, has recently returned to raising British White cattle due to previous experience with the breed after a 10 year period out of the cattle industry.  He believes that their temperament, ability to thrive and ‘low fuss’ nature ideally suits to his Northern NSW grazing operations west of Grafton.  While helping to preserve a rare breed was a consideration it was the breed’s traits rather than this that drove the decision to have British White cattle both initially and more recently. He would like to see British White cattle build on their current position to enjoy greater success across a broad range of markets from small holdings up to large commercial enterprises.

This is John’s first time on the BWCSA council and he looks forward to serving the Society’s members and work for the success and promotion of the British White cattle breed.

Ross Chandler

Wayne Cross

Lee Gore

Ian Holmes

Ian grew up on a dairy farm in New Zealand, and trained as a veterinarian at Massey University. Ian has worked as a veterinarian in private practice overseas and for 28 years as a District Veterinary officer in Victoria. Ian also worked a production manager at a semen and embryo production centre.

Ian’s interest in British Whites arose through his brother Keith, who having won Young Dairy Farmer of the Year, spent a year hosted on farms in the UK. Keith was impressed with the British Whites he saw over there and, on his return, convinced Ian’s parents-in-law John and Anne Grice to invest in the breed in Australia which they duly did. Keith still milks a few BWs on his dairy farm in NZ. When John & Anne died, Ian and Debbie took over the farm and stud in 2006 and have developed it ever since.

Ian immediately learnt of a fertility issue in the breed and researched the 1/29 Robertsonian Translocation in cattle. After presenting on the issue to the Society, members resolved to seek to eradicate the defect from the breed. This has largely been achieved.
Ian’s interest in British Whites is to produce the ideal maternal breed that is grass-fed, easy care, high marbling, and well adapted to a hot sunny environment.

Chris Malden

Chris was initially introduced to the British White breed by friends at Musk Farm in 2009. An advocate of the ‘paddock to plate’ philosophy, Chris was keen to source a breed that could produce high quality beef for his hotel award-winning restaurant in regional Victoria. Establishing his first herd in 2010, Chris joined the British White Cattle Society soon after and has been serving as Treasurer since 2015.

Chris is a passionate promoter of British Whites and wants to see the breed removed from the endangered list of cattle breeds. He hopes that through promotion and education, more Australian farmers will see the benefits of this excellent breed and take on British White beef cattle. He has particular interest in diversifying the available bloodlines in Australia and has leased a number of bulls for semen collection in both the UK and US. Imported straws are available for sale to members.


We have active members across Australia

New South Wales

Baringhup – Upper Missabotti
Billengin – Dalton
Bethany – Wimbledon
Bulang – Taree
Dingo Lane – Mullumbimby
Emra Valley – Terranora
Fourwards – Mosman
Foxridge – Karangi
Ghinni Ghinni – Harrington
Gilmore – Tumut
Hyde Hill – Bellingen
Lallylee – Berry
MacDonald Castle – Ramornie
Mac Liam – Tumbarumba
Mikkelbrae – Eltham
Murray Hut – Finley
RiverBend – Lismore
Stonehaven – Corndale
Tookaze – Greigs Flat
Twin Pines – Shannonbrook
Wood Berry Farm – Karangi


Chadford – Wallumbilla
Copperleigh – Alton Downs
Eltham Vale – Clifton
Em Nau – Dayboro
Emu Creek – Gungaloon
Iquique – Pomona
Nehlerien – Caboolture
Pasadena – Nikenbah
Purcells Crossing – Atherton
Yandilla – Clifton

South Australia

Glenbrae – Keith
Talpara – Williamstown


Albion – Seymour
Billeroy – Balaclava
BJ Meade – Arawata
Bonnie Park – Modella
Brooklands Farms – Blampied
Conquista – Yarra Glen
Darnum Park – Darnum
Ellingerah – Strathbogie
Glenavan Park – Camperdown
Gowan Lea – Jindivick
Karingal – Waaia
Karramurra – Ceres
Kenvale – Maffra
Larder Mouse – Newham
Mile Creek – Bacchus Marsh
Nanthes’ Park – Indigo Valley
Ravenswood – Benalla
Ruelan Park – Nanneelaa
The Rises – Stoneleigh
Vale Hill Farm – Clunes
Woodside – Merima
Wando – Casterton

Western Australia

Waikato Park – Donnybrook


Tuit – Morrinsville, New Zealand

Overseas Societies

The British White Cattle Society
The British White Cattle Association of America

Honors Board

Lee Gore – Honorary Life Membership

Mr President – if I may – I just wanted to take a few minutes to acknowledge the work done within the society by one of our longest serving and probably most active members, Mrs Lee Gore. Lee, of course, is known to everyone in the Society but probably not a lot of members understand just how much work she has done – and of course continues to do – for the Society.

So I have been doing a bit of delving into our records….

Lee – together with Simon – joined the Society back in late 1994 or early 1995. I think the membership was formalised in early 1995 judging by Lee’s membership number. I have been unable to confirm the actual date.

The Society at this time was in a very fluid state. There were some disgruntled members and the meetings were somewhat fiery. In fact later in 1995, as many of you will know, a significant number of members left the Society and formed another society. One of those that left our Society was the then Honorary Secretary.

After a relatively short period where the then Treasurer also undertook the role as interim Secretary, Lee was appointed Honorary Secretary on 30 November 1996. She has continued in this role ever since – almost 22 years. As Hon Secretary Lee is effectively the face of the Society. She not only has to deal with all the correspondence but has to handle all enquiries from potential members and the media. And of course at our biannual meetings she is the one who has to really work hard!! We all appreciate her work and her incredible contribution to the Society.

Lee was also appointed to Council on 24 March 1997. Her knowledge of the decisions of our various meeting was invaluable. Lee continued as a Councillor until 14 September 2013 – some 16.5 years. In stepping down as a Councillor she acknowledged that she found undertaking both roles was too burdensome during the meetings. Several of us who have worked closely with Lee over the years completely understood the rationale behind her decision and I for one was surprised that she had remained on the Board for as long as she did given her huge workload.

As a result of Lee’s outstanding contribution over such a long period, Council decided some months ago to bestow upon Lee Honorary Life Membership of the British White Cattle Society of Australia.

Lee is the first person to be awarded this honour. I think I can say on behalf of all Members that this honour is well deserved and our heartiest congratulations go to you Lee with this award.

The reason for making this announcement during the meeting is to ensure that the bestowing of this award is formalised in the Minutes.

It is proposed that the formal presentation of the Award will be made during the dinner tonight. I am sure there will be a lot of Members who would like to endorse Council’s decision in providing this Award to Lee and there will be ample time tonight for this to happen.