Semen Straws

Society Supplied Semen

Our objective is to create and promote the highest quality herd of British Whites in Australia. As part of this objective we collect and store semen straws in perpetuity as well as offer 60 chromosome semen for sale.

Known 60 Chromosome Bulls with Karyotype Report

  Members Non Members
Ravenswood ZACCARIAH $25 $32.50
TR Regis BENCHMARK $25 $32.50
Eltham Vale BRANDO $55 $55

Unknown Chromosome Bulls / Bulls NOT Karyotyped

  Members Non Members
Lachlan Downs AQUILLA $15 $22.50

How Ordering Semen Straws Works

There are several steps to receiving your semen straws order:

1. Download and send your completed form to the Treasurer via email or by post.
2. The Treasurer will send you an invoice for the full amount of your order including any handling and freight charges.
3. When payment of the full amount of your invoice is received the Treasurer will arrange for the delivery of your order.
4. On receipt of your order by someone other than yourself (ie vet or storage facility) have them contact you to confirm your order has arrived.

If you have any questions please contact the Treasurer

Form updated April 2021

Agrigene Semen

Agrigene have semen straws for Vale Hill Nugget, Ravenswood Zachariah and Leverington Columbus.
Available directly form Agrigene. Prices and information in the downloadable brochure.