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Bulls and Steers For Sale

Nanthes Park Reck-it-Ralph - SOLD

Nanthes Park Reck-it-Ralph


Date Added: 12 April, 2022
Category: Bulls / Steers
Grade: Australian Pure
DOB: 10/05/2020
Chromosome Status: 60 Chromosomes
Sire: Halliburton Colonel Jnr
Dam: Nanthes Park Neve
Pedigree Link

Nanthes Park Reck-it-Ralph is a lovely quite bull who is two years old and is developing into a solid easy going bull. Reck-it-Ralph is a compact bull who carries his thickness evenly throughout and has great testicular development and will be a solid breeding bull. Reck-it -Ralph' sire and dam are solidly influenced with American British White Genetics and would be a great bull for those breeders looking to diversify their genetic base.

Vendor: Craig Cross,
PIC: 3INNK102,
Location of Stud: indigo Valley Victoria
Phone: 0409408586

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Semen and Embryos For Sale

BWCSA Semen Straws

BWCSA Semen Straws


Date Added: 13 March, 2019
Category: Semen / Embryos
Grade: Australian Pure
DOB: 15/03/2019
Chromosome Status: 60 Chromosomes
Sire: Unavailable
Dam: Unavailable
Pedigree Link Unavailable

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Vendor: BWCSA,
PIC: Unavailable,
Location of Stud: Unavailable
Phone: -