How to see and select a proper beef cow udder.

Udder Suspension and Teat Size Scores. Udder and teat quality are among the most important functional traits of beef females. Unsound udders and teats are associated with reduced productive life and inferior calf performance, and poor udder and teat conformation is a major reason why cows are culled from the breeding herd. The scoring system described below is designed to help producers evaluate differences in udder and teat quality of beef cows.

Udder suspension and teat size scores are numerical values that reflect differences in udder and teat quality. Udder suspension scores are subjective assessments of udder support and range from 9 (very tight) to 1 (very pendulous). Teat size scores are subjective assessments of teat length and circumference and range from 9 (very small) to 1 (very large). Udder and teat scores should be taken within 24 hours after calving, preferably by one person and on the weakest quarter.

Edited from Morris Halliburton