Breed Advantages of the British White

The British White, a dual purpose pure breed, with its dark pigmented skin, dark points and strong black hooves is a breed able to naturally withstand all Australian conditions.

1. Moderate Body Size

Fortunately, over the years, British White breeders refrained from chasing huge frame sizes and concentrated on the optimum for most Australian conditions.

Generally females are Frame 5 (mature height over the hip of 135cm) and bulls Frame 6 (145cm). Stud breeders continue to concentrate on thickness with fertility, fat cover and milk in the females.

2. Docile

The British White breed is docile with high intelligence, making them excellent to handle, which is important when running bulls in herds.

Calves sired by a British White bull will usually be naturally polled and distinctively colour marked. Polled cattle are safer to handle as there are no horns when working close. Even the most well intentioned cow can cause injury 
by accident.

3. Excellent Milking

A calf will grow and add weight based upon its mother’s ability to produce enough rich milk. British White matrons are known for the abundance of rich milk available for their calves. British White cows are excellent mothers and even heifers with their first calf produce much rich milk.

British White cows have well set udders with a minimum of fatty tissue and medium sized teats that hold their shape. It is not uncommon to see 14 and 15 year old cows with udders tightly set and well shaped teats!

4. Meat Eating Quality

The British White, with it’s low input high efficiency traits, is able to convert grass into premium marbled beef of a consistently high grade without excess fat cover.

While some breeds have made a name for themselves marketing their beef, we believe British White beef is as good as the very best, some say better.

5. Growth And Hardiness

After surviving in the wild for thousands of years, British White cattle developed a hardiness that enables them to forage and graze under all kinds of adverse weather conditions. They thrive in either extreme cold or heat.

British White bulls are perfect for cross breeding. They transmit the superior qualities of the breed to all 
their offspring.

6. Efficient

Sometimes known as an ‘easy keeper’, the British White efficiently converts feed into kilograms of gain or maintenance. With their foraging nature, British Whites will make the most of what is available to eat in their environment. This means there is less reliance on feed, which is a positive trait, as we don’t want to finish cattle 
on anything other than grass.

7. Trouble Free

Being a relatively unchanged wild cow now domesticated, the British White genetic history is one of survival of the fittest and has given the breed a robust hardiness with little disease problems. They have a natural resistance to tuberculosis and viral pneumonia as an example.

The black ears, eyes, nose, teats and dark pigmented skin reduce the threat of cancers and sun or snow burn, while the strong black hooves deter most feet problems.

Their docile nature, intelligence and natural ability to finish on grass helps reduce time spent on maintaining the herd.

8. Longevity

Perhaps because of the British White breed history or the breeds hardiness, British White cattle tend to lead productive lives for longer. It is not unusual to have a 
sound breeding matron of 12 plus years.

9. Cross Breeding

British White bulls provide that rare quality of throwing a medium to small calf that grows well.
Don’t be surprised to see delightfully black and white roan calves that thrive. Equally don’t be surprised to see the 
first cross calf properly marked.