British White sires have been used in crossbreeding programs with a number of other breeds.  The value of British White genetics was recognised by the celebrated Australian beef cattle breeder, Rick Pisaturo. He introduced British White bloodlines to develop the “Mandalong Special” with the specific aim of achieving better milking ability, hardiness and superior carcase quality in this composite breed. As a result of crossbreeding, we have seen the following beneficial effects in offspring:

The characteristic colour pattern is prepotent and crossbred offspring will manifest true colours or a gradation of overworking.

The white coat with dark eyes and points is an excellent colour pattern for hot sunny conditions, offering protection against eye cancer and sun damage.

All offspring of a purebred British White will be polled as polling is determined by a dominant gene, .

The British White was originally a dual purpose breed and retains superior milking abilities.

The breed enjoys easy calving and has excellent mothering ability.


Romagnola x British White